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Liberty Law & Title, LLC is a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with over 20 years of professional, legal and deal strategy & experience, focusing on all areas of real estate and title closings throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Coastal Maine. We are pleased to introduce ourselves in connection with your upcoming purchase or sale of real estate.

Buyer Legal Representation
Real estate is a very specific area of law which is why it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney who understands and practices within the very technical and ever-changing vertical of real estate law.

A Buyer’s Attorney will protect a buyer’s exclusive and disparate interests (above all others) and keep the real estate transaction on-pace and in careful compliance with the very sensitive timelines and deadlines which punctuate every purchase transaction.   Buyer’s legal counsel will work to foresee - and thereby avoid - delays and performance failures which could threaten not only a buyer’s transaction, but possibly even a buyer’s deposit funds.  Without legal representation, the buyer is potentially rudderless and often at the mercy of the circumstances often beyond their control.  Retaining on of our expert attorneys at Liberty Law & Title, LLC. will allow you to navigate this very technical and sometimes risk-intensive transactional environment with the confidence that you are not alone.  We are convinced that this strategy of “expertise when and where you need it most” is central to the success of any deal. 

Liberty Law Buyer Representation:
  • Explanation of a real estate contract and mortgage commitment
  • Review and negotiation of the real estate contract
  • Coordination with the seller’s attorney and mortgage company
  • Resolution of potential issues (home repairs, warranties, inspection concerns, etc.)
  • Obtain title work for property being sold, ensuring it is clear and correcting any defects on title if found
  • Review of financial commitment and title
  • Obtain Broker commission statements
  • Request and review final closing numbers and correct discrepancies, if any
  • Buyer representation at closing as Power of Attorney so that a buyer doesn’t need to physically attend

Liberty Law Seller Representation
The purpose of a Seller’s Attorney is to prepare the legal documents required for any closing, as well as review the written contract and the terms of the sale, so as to fully comprehend any contingencies, timelines and obligations of parties involved.

Liberty Law Seller Representation:
  • Review, negotiation and explanation of the real estate contract
  • Deed Preparation
  • Correspondence with buyers attorney
  • Closing preparation
  • Seller representation at closing
  • Coordination of seller proceeds and details if a subsequent purchase is occurring
  • Arrange for direct proceeds from sale
  • Manage and disburse earnest money that is in escrow
  • Obtain Broker commission statements
  • Request and review final closing numbers and correct discrepancies, if any
Attorney Advertising
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