9 Steps to a Smooth Closing


Offer / Purchase & Sale Agreement


Seller Deed to Buyer


Written Payoff Statement from Current Lender(s)


Fire Inspector to Issue Required Smoke/Carbon Certificate (Mass. only)


for Final Water/Sewer Reading (if Applicable)


for Final Oil / Propane Reading (if Applicable)


Broker’s Commission Statement for Closing

Request & Review

Final Closing Numbers


Delivery of Your Sale Proceeds (Check or Wire)

Helpful Seller Tips

1. CLEARLY REFERENCE any item(s) which you need to take-with or leave behind upon sale of your home within your final Purchase & Sale Agreement.

2. AVOID drawing funds from an equity line of credit within a few weeks of closing.

3. KEEP-TRACK OF the buyer’s mortgage commitment date, as this is generally the last big milestone to clear in confirming that your closing will take place as planned.

4. When CALCULATING YOUR SALE PROCEEDS be sure to account for a Transfer Tax charged to the seller (In Mass., $4.56/$1,000 and NH, $7.50/$1,000).

5. SECURE a fully-signed copy of your final Closing Disclosure or HUD Settlement Statement at closing. (This document will likely be needed when filing your taxes).



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