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Liberty Law & Title, LLC is a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals focusing on all areas of Real Estate and Title Closings throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We are pleased to introduce ourselves in connection with your upcoming home sale . Our main goal is to enlighten Sellers with respect to the sale process and offer access to our firm as a helpful resource.

Legal Services & Highlights

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement review and consultation
  • Deed Preparation
  • Title Review and Title Clearing (if necessary)
  • Sharply Focused on the details of the Closing Process
  • Committed to a Smooth and Successful Closing Process
  • Widely Recognized Throughout the Region
  • Attorney Closing Attendance (under Power of Attorney) so that a Seller need not physically attend (and may instead focus on other important matters)
  • Coordination of Seller Proceeds & Details Related to a subsequent Purchase (Easy linkage between a Current Sale and Upcoming Purchase)
  • Access to Concierge – Client Service
  • Fixed Flat Fees Available


  • Sharply focused on the details of the Closing Process
  • Attorney Closing Attendance on behalf of Seller under POA
  • Committed to a Smooth and Successful Closing Process
  • Widely Recognized & Recommended throughout the Region
  • Fixed Flat-Rates Available



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