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March 18, 2021by LibertyLaw200
Home Staging

“Staging is the art of creating an environment designed to SELL the space, applying a bit of flair and ambiance that will not distract a BUYER’S eye from their vision, but will add a welcoming quality,” says Dana Sands who has been staging homes long before it became a trend. Sands notes that staging is more formulaic than interior design. “Much like any other types of merchandising, the goal being to appeal to as much of the marketplace as possible,” says the savvy designer and realtor.

In many cases, a home purchase is the biggest purchase you will ever make. Staging works for both buyers and sellers, presenting the property in its best light and eliminating visual distractions so the buyer can evaluate the space more easily. Staging your home should no longer be optional. The result will most often be a faster sale for the maximum price. If you are looking to showcase your home with style, Sands gives these simple eight tips.

Keep it neutral

The best way to appeal to a broad range of prospects is to use neutral paint colors and integrate the latest design trends with furnishings and accessories. Leaf through magazines or tour Instagram galleries of home furnishings stores for ideas of how to keep it clean and neutral.

Clean and de-clutter

If you do not have a large budget for staging, do at least these two things: clean and de-clutter! Your space should be sparse and sparkling. Eliminate excess items on countertops. The exercise will be cathartic and give you and your home a burst of positive energy.

Freshen up

Add fresh flowers and live plants for energy and be sure the home is free of any odors. Burn subtle candles, bake a pie! Be sure to avoid chemical-based air fresheners as buyers may have allergies or an aversion to strong scents.


Pack away any items that are not needed in your normal daily life. “Less is more” is your new mantra! DE-personalize as much as possible. You want the buyer to envision themselves in the space.

Roll out the welcome mat

Curb appeal sets an important tone. Be sure gardens are weeded, shrubberies trimmed, and walkways clean. Paint your front door a vibrant and welcoming color. Invite buyers into your home with a cheery welcome mat.

Spruce up storage areas

Buyers will open your closets and drawers. Make sure your closets and storage areas are tidy. Purge and organize from the inside out.


If your budget allows, install new carpet or better yet, hardwood floors. It is a proven fact that upgraded kitchens and baths SELL HOMES. Keep any upgrades stylish and neutral.

Let light in

Allow as much natural light in as possible. Remove dated draperies and valances. Naked windows are better or add white sheers (these can be very inexpensive). They provide a softening effect without distraction.


Showcase your space with style. This may be your most lucrative project!

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