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What are the issues when inheriting a property with a mortgage.



When inheriting a property with an existing mortgage, several considerations come into play. The specific circumstances may vary based on the terms of the mortgage contract, and the arrangements made by the individual who has passed away. Simply put, if you inherit a property, you are responsible to make payments on the mortgage, taxes, insurance and any upkeep required to maintain the property. It can become complicated and below are some things to consider.

Notification and Documentation

First, it is essential to notify the mortgage lender promptly about the death of the property owner. Documentation, such as a death certificate, will likely be required.

Assumption of Mortgage

In some cases, the heir may have the option to assume the existing mortgage. This involves taking over the mortgage payments and other obligations specified in the loan agreement. The lender may assess your creditworthiness before allowing assumption.

Due-on-Sale Clause

It’s important to check the mortgage contract for a due-on-sale clause. This provision allows the lender to demand full repayment of the loan upon a change in ownership. However, some certain transfers, like inheritance, may be exempt from triggering the due-on-sale clause.


If assuming the mortgage is not feasible or advisable, you may choose to refinance the loan. Refinancing involves securing a new mortgage with new terms, potentially based on the current market conditions and your financial situation.

Financial Implications

The financial implications of inheriting a mortgaged property include the responsibility for ongoing mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. Heirs should carefully assess their ability to meet these financial obligations.

Probate Process

The property may go through the probate process, during which the deceased’s debts and assets are addressed. The personal representative of the estate will play a role in managing this process within the probate court.

Estate Taxes

There may be estate taxes to consider. Inheriting a property could have implications for the overall tax liability of the estate. Be sure to speak with your probate attorney and tax professional for advice on whether there will be estate taxes owed.

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